A little 8 month update

September 4, 2014  |  9 comments

Time has never flown so fast as it has since Sean was born. He turned 8 months today! How is that possible? These past 8 months have been amazing, full of laughs and lots of love. Sean is such a content little baby and has really made our jobs as parents easy. Every day he is learning something new.  This week is sitting up, which he has just about mastered. The last month or so he has really grown to LOVE food – he loves all kinds of vegetables and yogurt. He loves playing Superman and jumping in his jumper. He makes every day downright fun. And it’s crazy how much we love him!


However, it is SO hard to get him to look less serious for photo shoots! I guess he’s just like his dad. When the big camera comes out he knows he’s in for some trouble. Lucky for me he doesn’t seem to mind or notice when I am snapping away with my cell phone or point and shoot camera. So I have plenty of smiles in those photos!!


Thanks to my mom and sister-in-law Kim for taking a few of these for me! :)


New-Jersey-Family-Photographer_0041 New-Jersey-Family-Photographer_0042 New-Jersey-Family-Photographer_0043 New-Jersey-Family-Photographer_0044 New-Jersey-Family-Photographer_0046 New-Jersey-Family-Photographer_0045 New-Jersey-Family-Photographer_0047 New-Jersey-Family-Photographer_0048 New-Jersey-Family-Photographer_0049


I think I might be obsessed with baby feet. Especially Sean’s.


New-Jersey-Family-Photographer_0050 New-Jersey-Family-Photographer_0051 New-Jersey-Family-Photographer_0052

What I’ve Been Up To…

May 1, 2014  |  no comments

This guy!!




Since January 4th, I’ve spent almost all of my time with my little man Sean. These last few months have been filled with joy. I heard once that having a child is like your heart exists outside of your body and it is so true! The love that I have for him is just crazy. I know when I go back to work in two weeks, I will be crying the whole way.


But before that happens, I figured I should share just some of the photos I have taken over the last (almost) 4 months. Time is flying by, and every day brings a new development. Most recently he’s grabbing his feet! I will miss spending my (week)days with him.


Sean Week 1 - 033 Sean Week 1 - 024 Sean-Week 4 -004 Sean-Week 5 -009

Sean - Week 8 -13 Sean - Week 7 -6 Sean - Week 8 -53 Sean - Week 11 -10 Sean - Week 11 -12 Sean - Week 11 -36 Sean - Week 10 -28 Sean - Week 11 -52 Sean - Week 15-38 Sean - Week 15-01 Sean - Week 15-05 Sean - Week 15-52 Sean - Week 14-16 week17-01 week17-04


April 30, 2014  |  2 comments

My very first featured post! This past week I had photos featured on two different websites – I Heart Faces and The Learned Bride.


I Heart Faces shared one of my favorite mother-son shots of all time. I was happy to be a part of this post and I bookmarked it myself for inspiration for my first mother’s day next weekend!





And today, The Learned Bride featured the engagement session I did with my sister Casey and (now) brother-in-law Nick at Columbia University where they met in law school. They were so patient with me as I dragged them around for 4 hours in the cold taking all kinds of pictures. And if you have not checked out The Learned Bride yet, I encourage you to do so! It has quickly become one of my favorite wedding inspiration websites!