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Although I surprised myself by not taking fancy weekly bump photos with this pregnancy, I did try to capture a lot using my phone. I think the nausea of the first trimester really threw me off and I never officially recovered enough to get into the weekly groove. However, here is a little collection of some of the photos I did manage to take the last 9 months. Some of these photos are definitely less than flattering – I’ll just blame the phone! And that little bump on my cheek is what is called a pregnancy tumor, which I am hoping disappears once the baby is born!


15 weeks_a

19 weeks



20 weeks and feeling pretty discouraged at the lack of a real baby bump!


20 weeks_c



21 weeks at Ocean City, and 23 weeks in front of our doctors’ office! Something starting to show!



21 weeks

24 weeks_b


24 weeks while photographing a wedding with Idalia Photography!


24 weeks_e

25 weeks_a

28 weeks-03


At Lake George on our way to our babymoon in Montreal!


29 weeks-03

30 weeks-01


Yeah, the real growth started around 30 weeks for me… and I’ve been doubling in size every week since!


31 weeks-01

34 weeks

35 weeks-006



And finally 36 weeks while shopping at Wegman’s on a cold Sunday night. Looking forward to sharing some more 36 week photos from our amazing maternity session with Idalia Photography!


36 weeks



I never thought I would be one of the women who say they love being pregnant. But I really did! As I near the end, it’s already hard to remember how lousy I felt the first 13 weeks with the nausea and exhaustion. And how paranoid I was about how he was doing when my bump was still small and barely growing (oh, I miss those days!). Even now, feeling like I am about to pop (literally, I keep saying my belly is going to EXPLODE) – I am still enjoying having this little baby in my belly. Well… most of the time… I am ready for his arrival!


I’ve been extremely fortunate to have a healthy and easy pregnancy. In fact, I would joke with the doctor that I felt better being pregnant than not being pregnant. The headaches I used to get at least a couple of times a week since I was in elementary school, and the migraines I suffered with every few months, completely vanished after the first trimester. I am really hoping they stay away after the birth but I doubt they will. :(


A few things surprised me about being pregnant. Mainly how much the baby moves! I expected kicks here and there. But this baby is constantly on the move – the last few weeks it has been all day, every day. And it does feel as amazing as people say, although by this time he is so strong some of the punches are a bit painful! Here’s a video:



As I finished up my last day of work before maternity leave and drove home today, I got really excited about my next important job as a mom. I am VERY nervous, both about being a mom and labor & delivery, but I guess that is all part of the process. I am looking forward to relaxing and celebrating the holidays the next couple of weeks, doing last minute baby preparations, and finally meeting our little man.


34 weeks - sonogram



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